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Have you ever seen the McLaren F1 Owner’s Manual?


Earlier this week we posted the official video and ‘spy photo’ launching the campaign which will unveil the next McLaren, the Sports Series. This morning, thru the magic of the ‘internets’ and YouTube’s mind-reading algorithms, we were served this curiously mesmerizing piece on the making of the McLaren F1 Owner’s Manual. Considering that only 72 McLaren F1 road cars were ever produced, these Manuals are pretty elusive. McLaren describes it as such: “Like the car, this painstaking piece of printed history is unique in the automotive world.  Surrounded by mystique and folklore, it’s the first Owner’s Handbook you actually want to read.” Yup… file under OMG.

This turned out to be McLaren week at Enzo Performance (secretly, we sometimes wish every week were McLaren week). In anticipation to taking ‘our’ McLaren MP4-12c to the track —when we’ll be putting the now complete 750R+ package to the test— we’ve been immersed in this quintessential brand. For some of us, who grew up watching Formula One, McLaren is synonymous with ingenuity and uncompromising performance. The Marlboro livery MP4 of years past will forever be imprinted in our minds as the ultimate expression of speed and technology (let’s not forget that V12 sound!).

You can catch the video below and visit McLaren’s official web site for more amazing stories.