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Imagine this: A hybrid Porsche priced between the 911 and the 918


May all our wishes come true.

After reading about a “baby Porsche 918″ concept on 6SpeedOnline recently, we went in search of actual ‘pictures’… imagine this: a hybrid Porsche priced between the 911 and the 918, aimed at the Ferrari 458 and McLaren 650s. It looks like San Francisco-based designer Rene Garcia had the vision, and the chops, to bring the idea to life through these fantastic renderings!

“This new potential car is being reported as possibly using a detuned flat version of the 8 cylinder that the 918 hybrid hypercar uses, and also without the use of hybrid electrification. This hopefully is true because, that V8 is one of the best sounding engines around at the moment. Like all rumors, a grain of salt is definitely needed. But I would still file this one as a definite possibility.”  —Jonathon Klein (6SpeedOnline)