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Enzo Iadevaia

Founder, President

Just like Ferrari and Lamborghini, Enzo too was ‘Made in Italy’ although he grew up on Long Island, NY. From a very early age Enzo demonstrated an innate ability to take things apart and put them back together (mostly without leftover parts) and that ability, combined with an uncontrollable need for speed, helped define what today is synonymous with his name: speed.

His analytical mind carried him through school and pointed him towards the exact sciences, Enzo holds a BA in Electrical Engineering from NYIT as well as an MBA.

For most of his life, racing has always been how Enzo occupied his time. If it had wheels good chances are he’d be making it go faster. From shifter karts, to motorcycles to drag racing, Enzo quickly learned the importance of knowing how to push the machine to its limits.

After years of modifying and racing cars Enzo ultimately brought together his education with his passion when he decided to turn all his energy towards tuning and building performance cars.

Today, with an impressive track record and professional accolades, Enzo stands alone in his category. With over 15 years of professional dyno tuning experience (including sales, support and training), Enzo is highly sought-after and considered to be among the world’s best. Often contracted to travel and tune around the globe, Enzo has prepared and offered track support to race teams as far as Greece, Cyprus and Jamaica to name a few; has set world records not only on the ground but on the water too, tuning and riding on bone-chilling 190mph boats (let’s not forget that ‘7 second’ snow mobile!); and has established an impeccable reputation as a tuner and shop owner.



If you’ve spoken to Enzo you know, there are few people as direct and to the point as he is. This ability to cut through the clutter and deliver with cohesion applies to everything he does, be it finding the best solution to a software problem or visualizing the best racing line.

During a typical day you’ll find Enzo either at the dyno or managing clients’ expectations, designing electrical, cooling and fueling systems and relentlessly improving our R+ packages and signature x-pipe exhausts.

Enzo’s personality and hard work ethics are stamped across Enzo Performance. Accepting only the best quality, the most efficient processes and the utmost highest results.

Why Enzo Racing?


What makes us different?

Enzo Racing was conceived around a simple but often overlooked need: a speed shop which combines real race expertise, high-end manufacturing and custom tuning under one roof. While there are hundreds of ‘speed shops’ out there —excellent ones in fact— there are only a handful of race-bred outfits with our level of tuning knowledge and manufacturing standards.

We’ve created a high-end ‘automotive boutique’ specializing in designing and fabricating high performance packages for exotic cars. We offer custom ECU tuning through proprietary software and world-class (AWD) dyno testing, as well as preventive maintenance services and performance upgrades for street, exotic and race cars.


Hand-crafted to Perfection

Our experienced fabricators and a well-equipped shop gives us the ability to design and produce parts to fit any performance need. From headers, exhausts and turbo manifolds to wire harnesses, carbon and metal intakes, custom fueling and cooling systems. Our Enzo Racing division is capable of going well beyond simple bolt-on upgrades, fabricating complete race cars from the ground up.


In every aspect of our business only the best will do!

  • Certified technicians, fabricators and specialists.
  • Latest diagnostic tools and software.
  • In house milling and turning capability.
  • Dedicated lounge area with WiFi, coffee and entertainment.
  • Mainline 1800AWD Dyno, room exhaust and controlled environment.
  • Full race prep and fabrication —tune, chassis, motor and electronics.
  • Ample and bright 7,500ft2 facility with clean floors, tools and lifts.
  • Smoke free shop and white-glove care
  • All vehicles are protected during work and always stored overnight.



We understand that owning and modifying a high performance vehicle can be daunting, however with the proper support and a knowledgeable crew you can trust, you’ll be able to enjoy the power worry free. When you feel the need for speed, you know who to call!

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  • "I am very involved in the Car Community and [had heard] only good things from Enzo Racing. Now they have lived up to their reputation with me. I highly recommend them. They are honest; fast and great with high end cars!!"
    Bryan Salamone
  • “Heard of Enzo through a friend who races (shifter karts) with him and absolutely loved his work. Their shop is clean, staff is friendly and professional, and the work is the best I've seen. They tuned my car to perfection after three other shops tried and failed. These guys are the real deal!”
  • "This is the way these cars should have come from the factory! I have been waiting for the sunny weekends like a kid now... love it! Thanks Enzo and the crew for a job well done."
    HappyLamboOwner, NY
  • "Huge thanks to Enzo Racing for tuning my ride. You have the cleanest shop I have been in and were incredibly friendly and professional. I look forward to doing more business with you in the near future. Thanks again."
    Andrew Joel

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