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Think of our facilities as a spa for your car. Our clean, smoke-free environment and professional technicians will ensure a ‘white-glove’ treatment to pamper and protect your investment during maintenance and upgrade visits. Getting “the job” done is not enough; it must be done right.


Whether to wait while we take care of some final touches before delivery or simply to relax, our exclusive lounging area is sure to please. Grab an authentic espresso or a cold beverage and catch up on all things auto, or if you must, log on to our WiFi and get some work done.


Made in Long Island, New York, our performance products are designed to surpass industry standards and customer expectations. From twin-turbo packages to custom exhaust systems to race-ready cars, our experienced and qualified team is ready to tackle all your speed dreams.

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Hands down the best way to tune for specific setups.

  • Professional assessment of current setup and baseline runs
  • Multiple dyno runs to perfect software calibration
  • Custom map development for your specific applications or goals
  • Road tested to ensure proper real-world functionality
  • Final dyno session with charts and optional video session


When having your car here is not an option.

Over many years in the business, Enzo has prepared and tuned road and race cars from around the globe. Although not ideal, in most cases we can tune the ECUs without the car – you ship your computer to us and we’ll ship it back with consultation and support over the phone. However, in many cases the man himself must get on a plane and cross an ocean to get the job done!



Protect your investment.

We’re equipped and prepared to take care of your high-performance car.
  • Oil and filter changes
  • Brake pads, rotors, lines and fluid service
  • Suspension inspection and service
  • Electrical and electronic diagnostic and repair




Taking fast to the next level

The core of what we do —Make fast faster.
  • Full custom exhaust fabrication capability
  • Custom cooling solutions for road and track
  • Suspension tuning and upgrades
  • Big brake kits and ceramic brakes upgrades
  • Simple and effective upgrades with EP Packages
  • High-performance R+ Packages


See EP Packages See R+ Packages


From exotics to imports to American muscle, stock or highly-modified. When you leave your vehicle at Enzo Performance you’ll have the guarantee of a job well done. Our qualified staff and state-of-the-art facility is the answer to all your maintenance and upgrading needs.


The elusive balance between performance, drivability and reliability comes as a reward after years of pushing cars to the limit on the track.

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  • "I am very involved in the Car Community and [had heard] only good things from Enzo Racing. Now they have lived up to their reputation with me. I highly recommend them. They are honest; fast and great with high end cars!!"
    Bryan Salamone
  • “Heard of Enzo through a friend who races (shifter karts) with him and absolutely loved his work. Their shop is clean, staff is friendly and professional, and the work is the best I've seen. They tuned my car to perfection after three other shops tried and failed. These guys are the real deal!”
  • "This is the way these cars should have come from the factory! I have been waiting for the sunny weekends like a kid now... love it! Thanks Enzo and the crew for a job well done."
    HappyLamboOwner, NY
  • "Huge thanks to Enzo Racing for tuning my ride. You have the cleanest shop I have been in and were incredibly friendly and professional. I look forward to doing more business with you in the near future. Thanks again."
    Andrew Joel