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Porsche 997.1 750R+

Porsche 997 850R+ Packages

With 750+ horse power, the 750R+ is the perfect package for both street and track giving you the advantage of a wide range of versatility. 

The Porsche 997 has been the staple for performance since its origins. The 3.6L Turbo engine is a true powerhouse, producing 470 hp stock. With countless hours spent engineering and testing (street & track) we managed to extract a 750hp with bolt-on ease. Each package is precisely assembled and designed to develop the most power and still maintain factory like drivability. The heart of the 750R+ is the Enzo ECU calibration, world renowned and race proven. Each Enzo Calibration is unique and completely custom to give the ultimate driving experience.

Developing 750+hp and 800 ft-lbs, the 750R+ package is the best solution for daily drivability and race proven performance.

Enzo Racing X-Pipe and custom fabricated exhaust components.

We’ve developed an exclusive exhaust system to complete the R+ package. These super lightweight systems are built to the highest standards using aerospace-quality stainless steel and precise TIG welding. Utilizing custom down pipes and a free flowing x-pipe design we were able to eliminate restrictions and, combined with our proprietary ECU calibration, produce even more power. All Enzo Racing R+ packages include our handcrafted x-pipe exhaust system. This race-inspired X-Pipe exhaust system together with a proprietary Enzo Tune is the heart of our 550R+ package. Generating a blistering 550+hp for the 997.1 application, the 550R+ is a great way to introduce yourself to the Enzo Racing spectrum.

  • Hand-crafted in New York
  • Highest quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Painstakingly tested for sound, flow and performance
  • Saves nearly 30lbs over stock system
  • Loud but not obnoxious at cruising speeds, menacing at full throttle.

Technical Specifications

Enzo Racing 6″ inch upgraded intercooler cores

The largest upgraded intercoolers available for your Porsche 997 turbo. We have spend countless hours developing our intercoolers to get the largest cores to fit precisely in the stock location. With added boost pressure comes added heat, the 6″ cores dramatically reduce intake air temps that in return generates increased response and reliable constant power.

Our intercoolers also come equipped with unique custom molded carbon ducting that perfectly matches each intercooler to get the most airflow. Our carbon fiber is sourced locally for the best quality.

Each intercooler is precisely TIG welded and pressure tested to insure the highest quality for your Porsche 997. Our upgraded intercoolers are a great upgrade from stock. Our very own 1200R+ has been utilizing these intercoolers since the beginning with consistent power results.

Technical Specifications

This Package Includes:

  • Custom EnzoTuned™ ECU Calibration
  • Twin Upgraded bolt on VTG Turbochargers
  • Enzo Racing X-Pipe Exhaust system (Lightweight aircraft-quality metals, custom stainless steel Enzo Racing tips)
  • Enzo Racing intercooler system (Custom carbon air duct)
  • Exclusive, high-quality Twin Turbo R+ exterior badging
  • Individualized and serialized temper-proof authenticity label
  • Various options for component finishes available
  • Individualized and serialized temper-proof authenticity label with actual dyno results
  • 1 year/12,000 mile Limited Warranty and Support

Borg Warner Turbochargers

Upgraded VTG Turbochargers, stock bolt on technology.

We know choosing only the highest grade Turbochargers is a must. That is why we only settled for the best. We have spent countless hours testing and choosing the best turbo solutions for delivering the most reliable power for our cars.

Bolt on ease and 750hp on tap! Maximized for the best power and efficiency for your 911, these upgraded turbos are a fully bolt on solution for making 750+hp. Dual ball bearing, oil & water-cooled CHRA Free float, waste gated turbine housing Ported compressor housing to increase flow and volume efficiency.

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Starting at $19,995.00

It’s time to give your 911 the edge you’ve been longing for!

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