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BMW M5 (F10) ECU Calibration

BMW M5 (F10) ECU Calibration


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BMW M5 700R+ Package

The new M5 has already made a name for itself, the Enzo R+ package unleashes the true potential, Generating 700+hp, the M5 700R+ package truly is the ultimate driving expirence.

The F10 M5 uses a 4395 cc variation of the S63 V8 engine called the S63B44, which produces 560 horsepower at 6000 – 7000 rpm and maximum torque of 502 lb-ft from 1500 – 5750 rpm. One major advantage of the S63 turbocharged V8 is that it generates more low-rev torque than its predecessor (S85 V10). The Enzo 700R+ package propels your F10 into supercar stardom with an earth-shattering 700+hp and  605 ft-lbs of torque!

Created specifically to get the most out of your BMW M5. These packages have been designed to perfectly integrate within your vehicle systems. Every component has been carefully hand-picked for their performance and dependability, tested under real-world conditions and combined with our proprietary EnzoTuned™ ECU calibration to deliver maximum power and value.

This Package Includes:

  • Custom EnzoTuned™ ECU Calibration
  • Upgraded BMC air filters
  • High-flow Enzo Racing Downpipes
  • Exclusive, high-quality Twin Turbo R+ exterior badging
  • 1 year/12,000 mile Limited Warranty and Support
  • Individualized and Serialized Tamper-proof Authenticity Label

Includes the Enzo Racing High Flow Downpipes, allowing maximum flow for maximum power. 

We’ve developed an exclusive high flow downpipe exhaust to complete the 700R+ package for the F10 chassis. These super lightweight systems are built to the highest standards using aerospace-quality stainless steel and precise TIG welding. Utilizing custom downpipes and a free flowing 3″ design. We were able to eliminate restrictions and combined with our proprietary ECU calibration, produce even more power.

Enzo Racing Downpipes are carefully hand welded by our in-house fabricator to guarantee you the highest quality. Bringing you power, reliability and drivability the Enzo Racing package is the best solution available for the spirited BMW driver.

  • Hand-crafted in New York
  • CNC finished flanges to guarantee a sealed perfect fit
  • High quality 304 stainless for strenth and longesvity
  • Painstakingly tested for sound, flow and performance
  • Saves nearly 10lbs over stock system
  • Loud but not obnoxious at cruising speeds, menacing at full throttle.

Performance Overview

Custom EnzoTuned™ ECU Calibration

Each vehicle receives a professional assessment of current setup and a baseline dyno pass. Once the proper data has been gathered Enzo begins the ECU calibration process. Each vehicle is given a custom tune developed for your specific application and road tested to ensure proper real-world functionality. Final dyno session with charts and optional video session are available.

Over many years in the business, Enzo has prepared and tuned road and race cars from around the globe. Although not ideal, in most cases we can tune the ECUs without the car – you ship your computer to us and we’ll ship it back with consultation and support over the phone. However, in many cases the man himself must get on a plane and cross an ocean to get the job done!

The Enzo Racing experience

Our R+ tamper proof labels showcase actual wheel horsepower numbers. Unlike other competitors, we are proud what our cars really put down for power. Signed and dated by Enzo himself, no package is complete  without getting the final stamp of approval. We go the extra mile to make each package unique to each vehicle. By applying our tamper proof label on each ECU calibration, you have the peace of mind that ensures the highest quality of performance available. 

The Enzo Racing R+ label has a unique number for each package, no two cars are alike. We understand that every vehicle has its own character and ECU differences. The serial number database helps us quickly pinpoint each customer and associated package to assist your needs and concerns.

BMW M5 700R+ Gallery

Price: $ 2,295.00

One of our most powerful street packages ever.

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