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Maserati Levante EnzoTuned ECU Calibration

Maserati Levante EnzoTuned ECU Calibration


EnzoTuned Race-Inspired ECU Calibration

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EnzoTuned™ Maserati Levante

The Levante being the SUV in the Maserati line up would give you the impression that extracting 500 hp would be unlikely. Fortunately the Enzo Racing ECU calibration delivers exactly that, 500 hp and 515 ft/lbs.

Designed and assembled by Ferrari, the Maserati V6 engine sports twin turbochargers that deliver 410 hp and 405 ft/lbs stock. Like most turbocharged applications, Maserati engineers left room for even higher gains that we are happy to exploit and unleash.  Countless hours were spent developing and perfecting the Levante file to deliver a true custom tune, optimizing every engine parameter to give you the ultimate driving experience.While all this horsepower sounds great daily drivability is virtually untouched, retaining a stock feel until the throttle opens to let out the true power hiding within.


Custom EnzoTuned™ ECU Calibration

Each vehicle receives a professional assessment of current setup and a baseline dyno pass. Once the proper data has been gathered Enzo begins the ECU calibration process. Each vehicle is given a custom tune developed for your specific application and road tested to ensure proper real-world functionality. Final dyno session with charts and optional video session are available.

Over many years in the business, Enzo has prepared and tuned road and race cars from around the globe. Although not ideal, in most cases we can tune the ECUs without the car – you ship your computer to us and we’ll ship it back with consultation and support over the phone. However, in many cases the man himself must get on a plane and cross an ocean to get the job done!

STOCK EnzoTuned™
POWER (bhp) 410 bhp 500 bhp
TORQUE (Lb-ft) 405 Lb-ft  515 Lb-ft

Maserati Ghibli EnzoTuned™ Gallery

ECU Calibration – $1,595.00

Achieve supercar speeds with the Levante Enzo ECU Calibration.

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